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Central Florida Rustic Wedding | Lexi & Thomas

On a beautiful fall day at Central Florida’s Rocking L Ranch, the scene was being prepared for an amazing Wedding Day. This wedding was the result of two amazing people meeting while playing in the dirt many years back. Years passed and Lexi and Thomas went on their first date at the exact location that the big question was going to be popped in the future.

Excited for the moment to say, “I Do,” Lexi was relaxed and ready for her Special Day. As the wedding time approached, she spoke about how perfect of a man Thomas is. Thomas is a laid back as a person can possibly get. Getting ready for the best day in his life, he remained relaxed. The one thing that I noticed immediately how crazy Thomas was for Lexi. Then their engagement story really came to mind:

“We ate ice cream and went for a walk on the beach. On this night there were a lot of little blue jellyfish in the sand. As we approached the Crown Plaza Hotel, I saw a bunch of people on their balconies and Thomas pointed and asked, "What is that in the sand?” Seeing the blue jellyfish, I replied, “Blue Jellyfish.” We walked closer…written in the sand with seaweed and 3-dozen roses were the words, "Will you marry me?" I tried to get him to run away from it because I thought it was for someone else. Once I turned to grab his hand, he was on his knee and all of our friends popped up and screamed. I was balling like a baby.”

Having the opportunity to interact with Lexi and Thomas showed me that they weren’t only in love with each other, but they were truly great friends too. This one quote stood out when I think about their love for one another:

“The best part about childhood love is finding someone who can become your best friend for life.”

Lexi and Thomas, I really enjoyed your wedding. Thank you allowing R Hickman Photography to capture this beautiful day. It was truly amazing, and the images…YOU WILL LOVE! Thank you and I wish you two nothing but much success and prosperity in your marriage. I will be looking forward to working with you again!


Venue: Rocking L Ranch / Photographer: R Hickman Photography/ Florist: Emma Flowers / DJ: DJ Sound Entertainment / Planner: Bonnie Clancy

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