I had never been to St. Luke’s Episcopal Church before Nancy and Eric’s Wedding. Tucked away quietly in Merritt Island, Florida it felt like a nice relaxing get a way, mixed with the best of Brevard County. Nancy or Eric did not choose this location; their children selected it because of the North Carolina feeling that it possessed. As a wedding photographer, locations like this are what we dream of. Great backgrounds, nice buildings, but better yet, a gorgeous couple. These are the things that create amazing wedding photography.

As I prepared to document this amazing day, I could see off in the distant how nervous Nancy was, as she approached the chapel in which the ceremony took place. She strolled to the chapel with her Maid of Honor while her prince charming patiently waited for her hand in marriage.

I am sure that during the long stroll, several important moments passed through her mind. It may have been the day that she was introduced to Eric by mutual friends at work. She could even thought about their multiple first dates, or even the weekend in St. Augustine when she had finally decided that Eric was, “The One.” The last thing that could have passed through her mind is that day that Eric popped the big question. One thing for sure, their Wedding Day will not only forever be in her mind, but it will also be put in history, and I will ensure this happens.

Eric was ready, he sat in the front row of the church until his soon to be wife was ready to come and meet him at the alter. Calm, collective, and confident, Eric laughed and engaged in small conversation with his mother and brother until the time arrived. He defiantly was ready to get this day started.

The one thing that I can say this wedding displayed is, “True Love.” Nancy and Eric were all over one another. Every time I laid eyes on these two, they were kissing one another. This is a great sign of what the future holds.

“A kiss is just a kiss till you find the one you love. A hug is just a hug till you find the one you're always thinkin' of. A dream is just a dream till it comes true. Love was just a word till I heard it from you.” -Mercy Cabrera

Nancy and Eric, thank you so much for allowing R Hickman Photography to document your beautiful Wedding Day. I had so much fun with you two, and I would definitely be looking forward to working with you two again, and hearing all of the amazing stories of the first year of your marriage. I send nothing but happiness and blessings your way! It was truly an honor…THANK YOU!

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