F.I.T. Botanical Gardens Engagement Session | Megan + William - R Hickman Photography

F.I.T. Botanical Gardens Engagement Session | Megan + William

Their Botanical Garden is located in Melbourne, Florida hidden between all of the small town’s daily features. This is a perfect location, which represents when they first met. It was their junior year in high school, and Megan decided that she was going to make the first move on William. As this is not the usual approach when a couple meets, I think was a perfect one, as William was the one that popped the question. When asked how the proposal to place, Megan stated, “He was treating me to getting my hair done. And it took a lot longer then it was supposed to (6 hours). After that we were going to look at Christmas lights at a local motel that decorates, but it was too late. We had two little girls that I watch and do events with, so we drove around looking at lights. As we brought them home, in their driveway is when he asked. Not the most romantic of movie type but I wouldn't have it any other way!” Now these two are planning a Wedding!

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. “ –Lau Tzu

Megan and William’s display of love was put well into demonstration during this session. Megan is a natural in front of the camera, and at first William was a little shy, but after the first couple of shots, he also became a natural. As we strolled and found nice spots for images, I could spot these two whispering, laughing and displaying how much they are truly in love with one another.

Megan and William thank you for choosing R Hickman Photography to capture your engagement session, and I am definitely looking forward to documenting your upcoming wedding.

  • A great display of love as these two prepares for thier upcoming wedding.

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