Rocking L Ranch Country Wedding | Sara & Sean

Love...Love...Love!!!  This wedding was captured today!

From the very first email from Sara, I could tell that this couple was an amazing couple. I felt fortunate to be chosen to document their wedding at the lovely Rocking L Ranch in Central Florida. Just as Sara and Sean felt as they knew each other when they first met, when I first met these two, I felt the same way. Their wedding was simply amazing!!!

It’s been said that when looking for love, it may be closer to you then you can imagine. Well for Sara and Sean, loved lived down the street from relatives and after speaking to Sean’s father, Sara and Sean met at the age of 18 at a park on the river. This is where forever began…

Tim Allen once said, “A guy knows he's in love when he loses interest in his car for a couple of days. “ In Sean’s case it’s the surfboard.

Sean loves to surf…matter of fact he popped the question at one of his favorite places ever…THE BEACH. Sara describes the occasion as so: “It was just another day at the beach in the summer of 2013. Right before he went out to surf, I set up my camera and put the self-timer on so we could take a picture together. Right as the beeping goes off, Sean drops on one knee and pops the question. I was so surprised. It was so unexpected. With no hesitation I said yes!! We kissed and hugged each other so tight. We were both shaking. It was by far the best adrenaline rush I had ever felt! We left the beach with a diamond ring on my finger and two pictures of him popping the question!”

It’s always great doing what I love, and I feel that being able to document weddings is powerful. Sean is a great guy, and Sara is such a wonderful young lady. We all spent the day having fun, laughing, and I even documented tears of happiness. These moments will live in eternity, as will their love for one another.

Sara and Sean, I want to thank you for allowing me to document your wedding day. It was amazing and I will always remember it. Thanks for allowing me to be myself, and takeover to ensure I document, as I love to. I pray for your marriage to be prosperous. Thank you…thank you…thank you, and I will be looking forward to working with you two again!

  • Love...Love...Love!!!  This wedding was captured today!

Photographer: R Hickman Photography

Videographer: All Things Beautiful Video

Venue: Rocking L Ranch

MUA: Tenacious Glam

Wedding Coordinator: Bonnie McKee

Caterer: Two Chicks in a Pot

DJ: DJ Sound Entertainment

Officiate: Pastor Ken Jones

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